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App Advice30 Min of Free Mobile App Development Advice

You build an App (in your company or free time) and want a second opinion on e.g. the application architecture, technologies used, code style or anything else?

One of our experienced Mobile Engineers will discuss 30 min with you about a topic of your choice. You can show him code, scribble things on a black board or just ask, ask, ask as much as you want to.

You will get the App Advice personally at our office in the center of Munich at Stiglmaierplatz.


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We worked with many different architectures in production and can give feedback on what works for us. Keywords: MVVM vs MVC vs MVP vs MVI, Repository Pattern etc.

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Are you you wondering if you use a particular library/framework the right way? Or do you simply want to evaluate a library/framework before using it? Let's talk. Keywords: Rx, Combine, Databases, Server-Communication etc.

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Anything else

Don't shy away from asking even the simplest questions. The questions who sound the dumbest often end up with the smartest conclusions. Ask us ANYTHING you want.

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We built dozens of Apps throughout our live and really tried out A LOT of mobile technologies and architecture patterns. Most of those Apps are running in production right now. I guess, we therefore know a thing or two about how to build mobile apps that thrive on the market.

We sometimes wished for such a service so badly that we decided now to just offer it ourselves. No credit card required, no hidden conditions. Just say “thank you” in the end and smile. That’s all we want 😊

Submit your application for 30 min of free App Advice here

We just launched App Advice recently. If you register now, your chances are good that you get an appointment very soon.

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