What makes a great developer? A story of an extraordinary blacksmith

It’s the year 1602 and Gordon is the best blacksmith in the country. Lords from everywhere are making the journey to his smithy to order one of his fine swords. Today, we are taking a look why Gordon is such an extraordinary blacksmith, and more importantly what you can learn from Gordon to become a […]

What is Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)?

The new buzzword to impress your friends: Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) Using Functional Reactive Programming, you write less code, you have fewer bugs, you can program asynchronously without killing yourself, it’s just awesome. That’s what they told me. Everybody talks about it but many people don’t really know what it fundamentally is. So what is […]

App architecture: Functional MVVM with RxJava & RxSwift

The problem with the way many people implement and explain their app architecture is something like that: The Fragment or UIViewController becomes a massive class that contains business logic as well as view details. Both are so intertwined that it’s impossible to test them independently. Code-readability suffers and future code changes are hard to implement.MVVM […]