I hated Gradle! Kotlin and the buildSrc Plugin made me love it

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room… Gradle… To be honest, I hated Gradle. It was always one of the biggest pain points in my carrier as a developer. Whenever I ran into a „Gradle issue“ during Android development, I immediately knew: This is going to be a bad day. All I could then […]

How KEEP-87 & Typeclasses will change the way we write Kotlin

What is KEEP-87 At QuickBird Studios, almost all of our projects are implemented in either Koltin or Swift. It’s only natural, that we compare these languages and find features in one of them, that we would also like to see in the other. While Swift’s protocols can sometimes be a little bit painful to work […]

Is Kotlin/Native production ready? Why we are not using it (yet)

We love the idea of Kotlin/Native and Kotlin-Multiplatform. That’s why we took an in-depth look at it and tried it out in a sample project. We wanted to know if Kotlin/Native is production ready. Unfortunately, the technology cannot serve our needs right now. Here is why we crave to use Kotlin/Native and Kotlin Multiplatform but […]