Mobile App Security: Best Practices on Android & iOS

Mobile apps often deal with really private and sensitive user data like personal health information or banking information. Losing data or getting hacked, therefore, can have huge consequences. There is no bigger nightmare for any app developer than knowing that his application was involved in a huge data leak scandal and user data was stolen. […]

Dependency Injection Strategies in Swift

Today we will take a deep look at Dependency Injection in Swift, one of the most important techniques in software development and a heavily used concept in many programming languages. Specifically, we’ll explore which strategies/patterns we can use, including the Service Locator pattern in Swift. The intent behind Dependency Injection is to decouple objects by […]

Introducing an iOS navigation library based on the coordinator pattern

We at QuickBird Studios are working on large-scale apps that grow over years and that’s why our team worked really hard to find suitable architectural patterns for our use cases. We described our use of MVVM and Functional Reactive Programming in some of our previous blog posts like this one. One topic we didn’t talk […]

Syncing app data: Sync Realm with server-side database like MySQL

Over the last couple of months, Realm became the go-to mobile database solution. It’s a mobile, offline-first database solution to store your app’s data without the need of working with lower level solutions like SQLite or Core Data. And most importantly: It’s platform independent and works on Android and iOS. But what happens if you […]