Happy Birthday QuickBirds!  🎉

Today is a really special day for us. It’s not just the day we release our first blog post, but it is also the second birthday of our company. The last two years were a really exciting time and changed all our lives. Today we will take a look back at the past two years, on what we experienced and achieved.

How it all began

In March 2016 Malte, Jonas and me (Stefan) decided that we want to make our common passion of handcrafting beautiful apps to our new profession. We founded the agency QuickBird Studios. It was a decision against a steady income and in favor of the numerous risks of a Start-up life. Nevertheless was our decision clear and it was the start of our phenomenal story.

xStudy – Our first customer

After officialy founding the company we immediately started to look for our first customers. Luckily Valentin Peter, CEO of xStudy, contacted us regarding a new app he wanted to launch. Malte had worked with him on mobile projects in the past. So, thank god, one week after founding we were already working on module.org, the app we wished to have when we were still students. Together with the team of xStudy we were planning, designing and developing the study organizer app for iOS and Android. Today the app organizes the life of thousands of students in Germany.

The team of xStudy and our team celebrating the Module.org launch

Vale really helped us kickstart the company in the beginning. He allowed us to work at his office while we didn’t yet have our own. After successfully launching module.org, we built the Studieren.de iOS app and Android app for him. During our cooperation, we got more and more friends with the team of xStudy. After 4 months we were able to rent an office in their building and we still work on projects with them right now.

A small step for humanity but a big step for us: New QuickBird Studios pullovers!

Our first steps in the medical area

The idea of helping people with diseases and improving their lives was something we always had in mind. That’s why medicine was an area we were eager to get into. End of 2016 we started the development of the Diabetes management app Neptun, together with our strategic partner Linova. Neptun was one of the first apps combining data from Bluetooth glucose meters and Apple Health. It allowed patients to organize their everyday life without the mess of manual note keeping.

Only a few weeks after the first release of Neptun we continued our efforts in the medical field by working on an app called Triangle. Together with the Diabetes department of the Klinikum Großhadern, we were helping pregnant women to prevent Diabetes during pregnancy with this app.

Our third medical project was for Child&Brain, a union of neurologists from the LMU Klinikum and Schön Klinikum. It is called Muscle Ultrasound Course and was released at the beginning of 2018. The Neurologists behind Child&Brain are using this app to train other doctors on how to treat spasms and cramps in the human body.

Currently, we are working on an even bigger medial application with an even bigger customer. Cannot tell you anything yet but stay tuned! 👨🏼‍💻

The next step: Enterprise apps

In April 2017 we started working closely together with the Zeppelin GmbH. It was our first direct contact with such a big enterprise company. Since a year we are now working on different apps with them. This ranges from an online shop for renting construction machines to internal apps for controlling and improving administrative processes of thousands of employees. New projects are starting this year and we look forward to a long and productive relationship with the Zeppelin GmbH.

The team behind it

Malte and I were able to build a team around us that is not only talented but shares also the same dreams for our company that we have. All of us love our job and put that passion into every project we work on. We’re not here to work on just any project or for any client. We go to work every morning to craft the best apps for the best clients.

We grew to an 8-person strong team within the last 2 years and cannot wait to see what’s about to come next!

There are still a lot of things on our planning board for this year. We are going to regularly publish articles on our blog about tech and non-tech topics. At the same time, we are increasing our efforts in open source projects.