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Caterpillar Operator Challenge


The toughest challenge on earth has a new app

Caterpillar, maker of construction equipment and vehicles, maintains its brand identity while showcasing its latest vehicles in an exciting way: the Caterpillar Operator Challenge. The Challenge is a contest for construction workers around the world to compete in various events using CAT vehicles, and machine enthusiasts can follow live or see the reports on channels like DMAX. With our app, referees can track participant scores in real time, stop time for issues, and assign bonuses or penalties to contestants. The app tracks scoring among various stats and automatically creates a performance-based ranking and leader board.

iOS Screens
Caterpillar app iOS screenshot
Caterpillar app iOS screenshot
Caterpillar app iOS screenshot

About the project with Caterpillar

There’s value in knowing a good product when you see one, and Caterpillar didn’t need to recreate the wheel. We had created an app called “Fahrerclub” for Zeppelin Rental before, used to track German-wide operator challenges similar to CAT. When they saw our app, they wanted something similar but with their own flare.

Working with CAT’s international brand team out of Malaga, Spain, we adapted the Fahrerclub app to accommodate the CAT corporate identity, including the specific usability they needed for referees of their challenges. We also built a backend-server that allows multiple operators to use the app at the same time.

Technology we worked with

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