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Diabetes Prevention

Lifestyle and everyday habits highly impact the probability of developing type 2 diabetes. The app Triangle (on iOS and Android) helps to prevent diabetes by encouraging physical activity, a healthier diet, and a positive mindset. The app supports the user in establishing healthier habits, provides a comprehensive knowledge base around diabetes risk, and permits online coaching.

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Triangle app iOS screenshot
Triangle app iOS screenshot
Triangle app iOS screenshot

About the project with the LMU Klinikum

We built Triangle for the Diabetes Research Group of the LMU Klinikum, the biggest teaching hospital in Munich, Germany. Agile app development occurred inclose collaboration between clinical researchers, developers, designers, and project managers. High quality standards were enforced by different testing strategies and frequent deliveries to the research group.

“Working with QuickBird Studios is delightful in every respect”, says Andreas Lechner, M.D., the leader of the Diabetes Research Group. “The quality of the software and the ease of interaction with each other are outstanding.” The Diabetes Research Group is currently testing the app in several clinical studies and plans to integrate it into routine care by commercialization.

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