Zeppelin Rental


Rental of construction machinery

Zeppelin Rental is an online shop with customized machinery for construction works and events. Renting, instead of buying, allows companies to stay flexible and reduce their financial risk. The Zeppelin Rental app brings construction and event products right to the users’ phone in an easy, efficient Amazon-like marketplace.

  • Year 2017
  • 1 week sprints
  • Team size: 4
Android Screens
iOS Screens

About the project with Zeppelin

We worked with the Rental department of the Zeppelin GmbH. Zeppelin’s goal was to create native apps for iOS and Android providing a superior user experience to their current cross-platform apps. Many parties were involved during the project including the marketing department, middleware and server specialists, web-developers, testers, and our app developers from QuickBird Studios.

We were and are still working once a week at Zeppelin’s office for rapid communication and quickly responding to changing requirements. We feel like part of Zeppelin’s team and enjoy the close collaboration. The Zeppelin Rental iOS and Android apps will be finished in early 2018. Currently, we are also developing other internal enterprise apps for the Zeppelin GmbH.

Technology we worked with