Mobile App Solutions

We craft highly polished mobile applications that work for your users and your business.

We turn your idea into a striking mobile app

We’re a passionate team of mobile developers and designers based in Munich. We share one goal which is creating mobile apps that your users love to use. In a market containing millions of apps it is critical that your app does not get lost and receives the attention it deserves. We stand behind our promise to turn your idea into an app that sticks out of the mass and excites your users.

Our process

Conception & Design

Our brainstormers and designers assemble an intuitive concept for your idea while involving you closely into the process.

Implementation & Testing

Using an agile process and the state of the art technology standards we develop a robust application ready for the real world.

Operations & Support

During and after the development we support you and integrate new features based on your latest insights.

Goal-orientedEnterprise Apps

We help established companies like the Zeppelin GmbH to make their internal workflows and communication as efficient as they can be.

See project

Innovative medical apps which doctors and patients can rely on

The iOS App Triangle helps women prevent the development of Diabetes during pregnancy. See peoject

Child&Brain, a union of neurologists, trains doctors how to treat spasms and cramps in the body.

Diabetes patients track their blood sugar and insulin level using Neptun Diabetes Management.